Salmon; Where am I at?

As previously discussed, Salmon’s Five Stage model is one that supports online learning. It is essentially a learning tool that helps online learners learn about online learning. It’s not nearly as complicated as I just made it out to be, though!

Salmon’s hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Access and Motivation: when students are welcomed and introduced to the platform, face-to-face workshops, online familiarisation and activities.
  2. Online Socialisation: introductions online and discussions
  3. Information Exchange: everyone has their own group discussion area. They have access to background materials and discussions.
  4. Knowledge and Construction: promotes experimental learning through interaction. Group members switch roles
  5. Development: students come out of their group discussions and debrief on their lessons and experiences.

I believe that at this stage in the unit I am currently on Stage Three. This is because online discussions are being broken down into relevant groups and information is shared and discussed.

Being able to see clearly what stage I am currently at, and comparing what I have done and learnt throughout the unit so far, along side a hierarchy is interesting to see how far I have come. It seems like such a long time ago that I was scared about taking on a daunting online subject, thinking that these 5 stages would be much more complicated than first though. Now I am halfway through the stages and have come to realise that this is not a scary or difficult way of being part of a discussion or unit, but it is actually far more interesting and exciting.