Incursions/Excursions and Community of Practice

I don’t think I’ve ever met a student who doesn’t get excited about being part of an incursion or excursion. Children need to be exposed to these novelties, so as to keep school interesting and stimulating. Having the chance to see or experience these lessons are a great way to ensure they are fully involved in their own learning.
Last semester whilst on prac with a Kindergarten class, they attended one excursion to the Sydney Wildlife Park and had two very different incursions- all in the space of one term! Being such a small school, these children were lucky enough to be able to have these fantastic and exciting experiences. For each experience there were lessons that followed, to ensure they were linked to the learning the children had done, so as not to make them irrelevant to what they were doing in the classroom.
My favourite memory was watching one little boy who is severely autistic, he would usually only ever sit by himself and play with a toy car. The teachers were very worried as he did not cope very well when things happened that were out of routine. However, the school had invited the funniest, most entertaining Science show, for them to watch. This little boy loved it so much that he had to sit at the very front of the class so he didn’t miss a thing! He was still laughing at the jokes three days later. I think these experiences are extremely important for students as they are able to be exposed to things that are stimulating in a different way than usual.

As teachers we all share a community of practice. Being part of the ACU School of Education domain. Through this we are all able to gather together- be it in face-to-face tutorials, lectures or meetings, or online through blogging, LEO or Facebook forums we are able to partake in joint discussions and activities. We are able to share our experiences and resources to develop a repertoire.

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