CORE TEXT 1A: Salmon’s 5-stage model

I gained a lot from reading about how other people can be affected by what you write online. It was in some ways comforting that other people are as nervous or can misinterpret something that has been written by someone else on the online environment. This was comforting as it ensured me that there were others out there who were ‘walking on egg shells’ so as not to accidentally offend or give people the wrong impression. I also thought it was extremely beneficial to know and learn about how we should all interact online. Remembering that some people may accidentally perceive what you have said in the wrong way can also mean that a comment you took the wrong way may not have been intended as such. This text was a great way to simply outline the ways that netiquette are important and should be valued.

The concept of the 5 stages is really important in the online learning environment, as it is a way of ensuring structure to the unit. Having only done one online unit before, which was not set out or supported very well, it was great to read the5 stages and know that there was a very important method to online learning. Knowing that there is a step-by-step structure to how things are done, and why, has reassured me that there is a huge amount of knowledge to gain from learning in this environment. I enjoy looking through the online forums, as it is a great support for questions I have, as I soon find out that a handful of other people have had the same question, and it has been answered by both other students and the unit facilitator.

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