CORE TEXT 2B: What is a blog?

This text was extremely helpful in confirming what I believed a blog to be. Through using social media and other websites I have come in contact with quite a few blogs already (admittedly, mostly food and travel blogs). Even though I already had a relatively sound understanding of what a blog was and why people use them, I was able to gain further knowledge thanks to the use of the large variety of definitions that were given. Having read definitions from different people’s points of view or what they use them for, it was able to broaden my idea of what a blog is, and open my eyes to the fact that there is more to blogging than taking photos of food and telling your friends about a restaurant you visited. From there, I took this information and searched for some other blogs which would be relevant to my future career as a teacher, and those that are useful to me as a student and pre-service teacher. I can definitely see the benefits to blogging and reading other people blogs in my field.

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