CORE TEXT 2A: What is a PLN anyway?

This text was such an easy read which was a great way to explain what a PLN is. From what I understand from the reading, a PLN is a Personal Learning Network. These are extremely important in many professional fields, as it is vital to keep in touch an up to date with the most recent findings and information. A PLN is a way in which people, especially in the Education field, are able to share their findings and experiences with each other, helping others to grow and always update their knowledge and references on different areas of education.
I found the way in which Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto discussed the different ways in which her PLN had evolved over her career, really interesting and exciting to see where it can go next. It has opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many ways in which I can gain and share information that I find and learn myself through my time as a student, and then as a teacher in my future teaching career.

One thought on “CORE TEXT 2A: What is a PLN anyway?

  1. Well done Sophie, this is a good start. I am really pleased to see that you can acknowledge that the PLN offers you something way beyond the boundaries of the University assignment. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with yours over the next few weeks and months. Adam


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